Approved February 18, 2013

This document is designed to apply to Faith United Methodist Church, 5505 Broadway, Lancaster, NY, 14086. It is designed by the Safe Sanctuary Committee, under the direction of SPRC with final approval of the Administrative Board.

The content applies to all bodies who use the church as well as the program of the church. Exception is made for groups who maintain their own safe sanctuary policy (i.e.: Boy and Girl Scouts).

The purpose of this policy is to afford protection for children (all under 18 years) as well as vulnerable adults of any age. However, all people should be protected by these policies.

The intent of this policy is to prevent the abuse of all people by people acting either as employees or volunteers for Faith United Methodist Church.

ABUSE is defined as any non-accidental injury, sexual activity or sexual exploitation, neglect or maltreatment that harms the health, welfare or safety of another individual. This may include, but is not restricted to physical abuse, emotional abuse, neglect, sexual abuse or repetitive actions which apply to a single victim.  For more complete information, go to: http/

Volunteers and employees: must be 21 years or older and at least 5 years older than children under their care. Volunteers less than 21 years old must be at least 5 years older than the oldest child in their care and must have an adult supervisor.
ALL volunteers or employees must be willing to submit to a background check and provide any information necessary for that check process.
All employees and volunteers must agree to abide by the provisions of this Safe Sanctuaries Policy.
All classrooms must be observable from the hallway; i.e., glass window in the door, “dutch door” with top open, or open door.
There shall be at least two “adults” with children at all times. Children should be escorted to bathrooms outside the classroom.  ALL SUPERVISING EMPLOYEES OR VOLUNTEERS SHOULD ALWAYS OBSERVE THE “TWO ADULTS” RULE WITH ALL CHILDREN or VULNERABLE ADULTS IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES.

Employees and volunteers must be aware of safety hazards in classrooms, be aware of fire drill procedures, and insure the health and safety of the environment.

Protected children and adults must be released only to parents or designated adults at the conclusion of activities. A written list of protected children and/or adults should be kept by supervising adults, with names of persons allowed to reclaim children or vulnerable adults.

Any suspected abuse of children or adults must be reported to the Safe Sanctuaries Committee or to the pastor in writing. The pastor is responsible to take appropriate action.

Any “off-campus” activities must be approved by the Administrative Board. They shall include adequate notification of parents, legal transportation arrangements, and a full description of the activity.